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Youth Programs

What we offer your child...

  • Our practical and effective martial arts style is called K I Fighting Concepts. Our curriculum is derived from multiple martial arts systems of the world. Including Kenpo Karate, Filipino Weapons, Wing-Chun Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Silat, Tai Chi and much more!   Essentially your child is learning multiple languages of movement in an organized and goal based program.
  • Our quality classes are attuned to every child so each student feels welcome in our safe, positive and clean learning environment.
  • Our program offers group and/or private training that allows for fluctuations in time commitments to foster self-determination and lifelong learning skills that grow with the child.
  • We value meaningful relationships with each student based on mutual trust, and positive mentorship for kids.
  • Instructors provide the tools and structure for kids to make thoughtful choices, to develop confidence, self-reliance and positive self-esteem through karate practice.
  • KI Fighting Concepts Karate Kids classes and programs engage children and teens through physical activity, training drills, and skill building exercises. We focus on helping to keep them on the move and to “think” on their feet.
  •  Private lessons are available for any child when the need arises or ongoing. This type of training can help fill in skills that are in need of special attention or help a child further develop an area that he or she excels in. All sessions are tailored to help your child reach their full potential.
  • Karate can help with listening skills, improved coordination, athletics, obesity, focus, and confidence. 

"Karate, tai chi, and other martial arts can improve a child's mind and body when parents match their kids with the right program -- and the right teacher." - Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Nancy Christie

Little Dragons

A steady-moving program specially created for children 3 - 7 years old. They will learn respect, team communication, coordination, discipline, and listening skills, along with self-defense techniques in a safe and fun environment. Your child has the opportunity to achieve Black Belt Level in KI Fighting Concepts.  

Big Dragons

A program developed for children 8 - 16 years old with an emphasis on mutual respect and practical self-defense. Together with technique classes, this is a great way for children to get involved in the martial arts, build self confidence, strength and stamina. Your child has the opportunity to achieve Black Belt Level in KI Fighting Concepts.  

Summer Introdution Classes 2018

Every month we begin a new introduction class. This program is a great affordable way to experience our KI Fighting Concepts Youth Karate program. 

Children in this program learn the beginning levels of the KI Fighting Concepts Karate program. Including coordination drills, focus, discipline, self-defense techniques and concepts. Each child will test for a white belt to conclude the program! This program lays the foundation for a strong beginning in the KIFC curriculum!

Equipment and supplies needed: none

Once student has completed the introduction course, he/she has the opportunity to move into the regular training classes for their age and level. 

Next 4-Week Intro Group Class Start Dates: **Summer Special Rate $79** (Save $20)

  • Friday June 8,15,22,29 (Ages 3-4, 5-7, & 8-14 yrs.)*Special
  • Friday July 13,20,27& Aug.3 (Ages 3-4, 5-7, & 8-14 yrs.)*Special
  • Friday August 10,17,24,31 (Ages 3-4, 5-7, & 8-14 yrs.)*Special 

Space is limited, so call and reserve your spot today.  Call 509.662.7983 or Click on this link to register online.

See and print Youth & Introduction Class Schedule via this link: Official_KI_Schedule_2017-2018.pdf


Now available - Private Lesson Introduction Special!

What if you can't fit our Friday intro group class dates into your busy schedule?  Well, you don't have to!  Now your child can still train karate in our private lesson intro classes.  Here's how it works; get 4-1/2-hour private lesson and a free uniform for just $149+tx. Plus, get a 50% discount on registration fee!  This is a $68 savings!  

Each 1/2hr. session will be scheduled with one of our highly trained instructors at a time that best fits our and your schedule. All four sessions must be completed within five weeks of sign-up date.  

Once all four sessions are completed, you child can remain in private session and/or seamlessly transition into our regularly scheduled group classes.  Sign up today!

Please contact Miss Addy for any questions 509-662-7983.  Sign up TODAY!


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