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Wind and Rock Camp


19th Annual Wind and Rock Training Camp July 2018


K I Fighting Concepts Curriculum

Kenpo Karate

Filipino Martial Arts

Pentjak Silat


Argument of Movement

Slam Set

Weapons Training

Tai Chi


Here is your chance to train with world-class instructors Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez in one of the most Innovative Knife and Empty hand training system in the world.

After over four decades of studying martial arts  from around the world, Sifu Simonet has garnered the wisdom, experience and learning needed to build new, more effective and efficient combative systems. X-Dtac™ (Extreme Defensive Tactics) is composed of several essential tenets: motor skills, muscle memory and tool development, based on probabilities, tapping into instincts and trusting intuition. Mathematically-based, X-Dtac™ has three ranges, five frames, three levels, and several compulsory striking sequences of empty hand, knife, and practical impact weapons. Such variables applied to single and multiple opponents, used in stand-up to ground grappling, make it a comprehensive and deadly system. Its methods and methodologies are extracted from sound tactics as well as strategic combative perspectives. Learning and practicing the X-Dtac™   system will promote several aspects of a refined and complete physique. There are several spokes of this development:

- Combative efficiency and practical self-defense

-  Neuroplasticity

-  Agility and flexibility

-  Endurance training (bag work, focus mitt work, Jiu Jitsu, plyometrics, resistance training strength-training and flow- drills)

X-Dtac™   has the strengths of many martial arts systems, but is designed to be a more streamlined and advanced protocol for those who are looking to simplify, expedite and consolidate their martial skills. Bruce Lee has been quoted as saying "Absorb what is useful." X-Dtac™   extracts what is essential, because in combat, what is merely 'useful' becomes a liability. This system unburdens you from carrying and memorizing the weight of the nonessential and arms you with no more and no less than the most critical tools for achieving your maximum impact potential. 

Wing Chun Kung-Fu

Sifu Simonet started training Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1982 as he built his first Mook Jong or wooden dummy. He studied non-classical Gung Fu with several students of Jesse Glover, who was Bruce Lee's first student. Simonet was acquainted with both Jesse Glover and the founder of Wing Chun Do, Sijo James DeMile, who was also one of Bruce Lee's original students. Sifu Simonet's first official teacher was Sijo John Beall, from Greenlake Wing Chung. In 1986, Sifu Simonet attended a week-long Mook Jong Seminar presented by Master Wang Kiu in Whistler Mountain, B.C. Master Wang Kiu was an original student of Grandmaster Ip Man. GM Ip Man left mainland China in 1948 for Hong Kong to escape the Communist Regime of Mao Tse Tung (more recently pronounced Zedong). Unburdened by Chairman Mao's rule, Ip Man was able to openly teach his art of Wing Chun. A logical and effective system originally developed by women over 300 years ago, the name means "beautiful springtime". Indigenous to Wing Chun is the training method of Chi-Sau, also referred to as "sticky hands."  

What to Expect?

- Free Camp sites available.

- Hands-on training.

- All participants will receive Certificates of Participation.

- Saturday night Black Belt 1000 Punch Run. This year we have 4 candidates.

- Saturday night BBQ!

- 3 days of world-class instruction for just $495 (Ki Dragons recieve special discount.)


Register Today - Call 509-662-7983

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to train with some of the most explosively influential martial artists in the country today!  Experience intense, dynamic, and cutting edge martial arts training in the picturesque lake-view mountains of Lake Chelan, Washington.

Register Today - Call 509-662-7983


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