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Your #1 Source for Local and Global Martial Arts Training

Welcome to KI Fighting Concepts™ – Where Innovations Transcends Tradition™!   We are state-of-the-art martial arts training.  Our name and brand mean world renowned martial arts innovation and customer service.   K I Fighting Concepts™ is a place where you’ll find multiple facets of the Martial Arts –local classes for children to adults, instructional DVD Training Programs, Personal Consulting, Corporate Training, Health Retreats, Life Coaching, and International Seminars. 

You're At The Right Site

 Join Inside Kung-Fu Magazine's Instructor of the Year Joseph Simonet, Woman of the Year Addy Hernandez, and highly qualified Black Belt Instructors for world-class training. In person, print, video and online; we are your martial arts training resource.

Wenatchee, WA USA

Join us locally for quality self-defense and fitness training in private and class programs for all age and skill levels. Our classes include – Youth Karate (Ages 3+), Adult Classes, KI Combat Bootcamp for Women, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Stand-up Fighting, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Women’s Self-Defense courses, Weapons, and X-Dtac™ Training (Extreme Defensive Tactics).

A letter from Founder Sifu Joseph Simonet

KI Fighting Concepts is where innovation transcends tradition. This means the new systems we develop are the zenith of almost a half century of learning, practice, and embracing longstanding martial schools. It is only after 43 years of sustaining the student role that I have been ready to put forth new methodologies that pick up where the tradition leaves off. The process of transcending means extracting the essential elements of those arts I have mastered, and applying equal parts creativity and practicality toward the forging of my own system of self-defense called X-Dtac™ (Extreme Defensive Tactics).

What is KI Fighting Concepts?

KI Fighting Concepts is an eclectic blending of preeminent martial arts systems of the world, such as Kenpo Karate, Wing-Chun, Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi long form, Filipino arts (Escrima, Kali, Arnis and Doce Pares) and Pentjak Silat Tongkat Serak. I have also trained extensively in kickboxing and traditional boxing. After literally decades of mining these diverse martial arts, I started developing my own systems, such as the Art and Science of Mook Jong, American Wing Chun Silat, Silat Concepts, and culminating in X-Dtac™ (Extreme Defensive Tactics).

Empower Your Body and Mind

My vision and intent in studying such varied martial arts systems was to gather as much information as possible in order to become the best fighter possible. Within that perspective, I also embraced weight lifting, power lifting and body building, and flexibility in the pursuit of enhanced self-defense. It occurred to me that aerobic, anaerobic, endurance training, flexibility, and overall body conditioning coupled with sound nutritional value would complete me as a martial artist. Through the sustaining of cardiovascular training, flexibility, skill development, nutrition and muscle memory, we develop bigger, stronger, faster athletes and more efficient fighters.

Miss Addy Hernandez

KI Fighting Concepts would not be what it is today without the work of my partner, Miss Addy Hernandez. She is not only my most renowned and gifted student, but she has also been my sounding board and emotional foundation, helping to make our school and system what it is today. She is a 5th degree Black Belt in KI Fighting Concepts as well as a 4th degree Black Belt in Doce Pares, a 4th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, and is a 20+ year practitioner of Yang Style Tai Chi. In addition to her extensive martial arts mastery, Miss Addy also teaches women's self-defense, women's fitness and multiple kid's karate programs.

Efficient and Effective Training

Fighting requires one to do that which is most efficient and effective, and I have been in the pursuit of streamlined martial arts ideologies since 1972. The actualization of outcomes requires sustained learning to enable clarity to enable understanding to enable intentionality. I came to a point in my study where I was able to see the flaws in the systems, the ways that what was so cleverly and gracefully executed in self-defense demonstrations would not work during a real-world encounter. When I realized my pursuit of a better martial art was left unfulfilled due to the limited nature of extant methodologies, I embarked on building my own systems.

The Original "Slam Set" System

The Slam Set was the first original system I created and it is to this day the foundation of many of the concepts I put forth in X-Dtac™. It is a dense and rich conglomeration of perspectives and movements worthy of the most elite fighters and practitioners. These qualities are its strengths, but I later realized that these are also its downside. I continue to mine the Slam Set over 20 years after I created it, and each of its 150+ pieces could be hours of rich teaching material. The different combinations of the slam set elements could literally number into the millions. Although this is a profound thing to consider, I realized that for the vast majority of even seasoned martial artists, the Slam Set is relatively inaccessible. I heard the call for a more simple, concise and learner-friendly approach to self-defense and this is embodied in X-Dtac™ (Extreme Defensive Tactics).

"I don't seek knowledge, I seek understanding"

In my martial arts and life, I don't seek knowledge, I seek understanding. Knowledge is the unchanging and fixed stance that prevents adaptation and evolution in any endeavor. When one "knows", then what is being pursued can no longer be called a science. That which is empirical necessarily involves testing, challenging and refining all perspectives--the seeking of "understanding". Those who excel in any art or science posses the ability to study with diligence, perceive with mindfulness and clarity, embrace a stance of not 'knowing', and test what is perceived against what is real. In human history, how many of the things that we 'knew' were true 100 years ago have been shown to be flawed? The martial arts world is no different. Unless we test and challenge the existing systems with objectivity, advancement of this art becomes impossible. Often, when I have presented ways that the martial systems I have learned are ineffective or incomplete, my observations were not well-received by those practitioners who were intent upon being 'right'. I find most martial arts systems have ceased to evolve because most martial arts masters are more comfortable with the parsimonious platform of "knowing". I seek discomfort. Those who are capable of benefitting from my teaching also seek discomfort. If you seek comfort you will not find it here. However, if you seek discovery, challenge, adaptation and an evolving approach to life, you have come to the right place. 


Sifu Joseph Simonet


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